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Solstice Yellow
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Solstice Yellow is a Fused Color that can be used with any texture.

Fused colors are rendered permanent by firing them directly into the glass using vitreous enamel paints in a glass emulsion. The resulting colors have a cathedral quality with a rich, luminous appearance that cannot be replicated using other processes. Fused colors can be fired internally or on the glass surface and can easily be combined to create colorful compositions. This color application is most appropriate for those who seek a hand-crafted color that is extremely durable and provides a beautiful enhancement to the depth and variation in kiln-fired glass.

In addition to our standard colors, there are options for additional colors, shimmer, or metallic colors.
Maximum Individual Panel Size:
90” x 150”
Available Thicknesses:
Safety Ratings Available:
Tempered, Laminated, Fire / Bullet / Blast
Fabrication Options:
Insulated, Curved, Drilled, etc.
Treatment Options:
Frost, Dichroic